Who’s Who in Cabby’s World


Albert finger Albert Hartly, the best car restorer in the world.
Beastly side sm Beastly is a Scammel Highwayman, a bully of a car transporter.
Cabby talk Cabby inherited his large bonnet from his Grandad, whose ‘Knowledge of London’ has never been beaten. Cabby tries to be a ‘gentleman’ like him.
Darkly Darkly Hartly doesn’t understand old cars like his Dad.
 Larry side Larry longs to drive off road and before he left London the biggest hill he had climbed was a little pile outside the Zoo.
 Molly talk Molly used to run a poodle pampering service in the back of her Moggy in town. In the country she thinks it might suit chickens.
 Pigeon flying Pee Gee, the London pigeon, had never met a country bird until he followed the cars to see what Beastly was up to.
 Roama Roama the Mobile Hoama loves a brew with a view.
Scarlet small Scarlet spent so much time parked outside Harrods, two Arab ladies tried to buy her to take their shopping home.
 Seagull Sea Gee, the Sea Gull, likes Pee Gee’s shaggy bird stories.
 VanDam side Van Dam the Camper Van had a Mum from Berlin and a Dad from Earl’s Court, not far from where he was restored in Hartly’s garage, but that’s another story
 Lola Lola has a Scottish surname because her great grandmother once looked over Hadrian’s Wall, but Lola came south and used her head for training and her heart for painting.
BrookyMG Brooky came down from his ancestor’s castle on a hill, travelled widely, worked hard, invented a few things and then enjoyed messing around in cars and writing stories.