Brooky Gets About a Bit


Brooky MG
Childhood Nick grew up, if he ever did grow up, on his parent’s fruit farm in Suffolk.  He moved with the family, first to London then to the West Country, ending up at the seaside town of Lyme Regis. There, his parents changed a large house into a hotel where guests paid to stay. Their son, living in a caravan in the garden, thought this a great idea. When gypsies set up an exciting fair in the field next door, four-year-old Nick swapped his birthday present, a blue tricycle, for an old black two wheeler. His parents were not pleased.
‘Brooky’ went to Hotel School down the coast at Torquay, to see if he could learn to change houses into hotels himself.
 Brooky was lucky enough to be given his first car by an aunt. MY 848 was a blue Moggy, a bit like Molly, but he soon found the roof came off. It never went on again.
Young man about town
Brooky enjoyed the revolutionary years of the sixties and seventies in bachelor pads in London and Paris. The directors of the Savoy Group of hotels invited him to join the management team at Claridges in Brook Street, where he was later known behind the scenes as ‘Super Brooky’.
 By now he was speeding around in old sports cars, which had a habit of breaking down (see above!)
Brooky’s career continued at a fast pace and he gathered a posh title, ‘Group Vice President Hotels, Europe, Africa and Middle East’. After starting up his own company, The Estates Partnership,  he got married and had the privilege to be a father to two wonderful children,’Tamara(lee)’ and ‘Chrissy’. They all lived happily in a rambling house not far from the river Thames.When his children were taller than him, Brooky returned to Devon and ran a Michelin star Country Inn for farmers and foodies within the Dart valley near Totnes, a magical area! He also opened a lovely Georgian hotel in Ashburton, where walkers on Dartmoor used to stay. It must have been the West Country air, but rather late in life he had the fortune to father two more talented children, sporty Will and arty Libby. Libby has a role to play in the first book – see if you can find out where?
Brooky travelled far and wide in Rovers, BMW’s and Mercedes and destiny allowed him to meet many famous people from all parts of the world. Running the Estates Partnership included dashing around in a big red sports car on hill climbs, treasure hunts and car rallies. In the West Country the family were served by a faithful old LandRover called Larry.


One day a London  taxi cab, brought some guests to the West country hotel. Brooky loved the idea of a London cab in the country, so he started to drive a cab called Benson. It was great fun and lots of children turned round and waved.

When the hero of our story, Cabby escaped from London, he became a good friend of Benson’s.  So now, every time he comes back from an adventure, Cabby tells Benson all about it.

That’s how Brooky can tell you in special picture books that celebrate all the exciting things that happen. Brooky’s lovely partner Lola, listens to the stories too and manages to paint them just how Cabby likes.

Brooky and family
Brooky and family

Brooky and Benson
Brooky and Benson